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"Aisza" is a Maine Coon cattery located in Essex, England.

All our cats and kittens live with us as part of our family

Our cattery has been registered for over ten years in the international organization FIFE.

breeder: Steve

When enquiring about a kitten please give some idea about your home and family enviroment.

mobile : 07541213376

When enquiring about a kitten please understand that I work full time many different hours, it could be that I not answer your telephone call or email straight away. I will reply soon as it is possible.

I not always have time to arrange viewing's for the kittens, I work shifts full time and have family that needs me also. The website I always try to keep up to date with pictures every 3 to 4 weeks, so everyone can see how the kittens look and have developed.

Maine Coons One of the oldest natural breeds in North America are a breed distinguished by high intelligence, dexterity, and playfulness. easily learn. These are very gentle cats that make marvelous pets, and soon become family members. Due to their above-average intelligence, Maine Coons are known to be one of the easiest cat breeds to train. Maine Coons are noted for their ability to trill their meows, which sounds like a combination of a purr and a meow. The breed tends to be somewhat slow maturing usually reaching full size at age three or four. Originally only the brown tabby members of the breed were known as Maine Coon cats, now are recognized to cattery-breeder in all colors. These cats have glossy coat, heavy and water-resistant, is like that of no other breed. It is longer on the ruff, stomach and britches to protect against wet and snow, and shorter on the back and neck to guard against tangling in the underbrush. The coat falls smoothly, and is almost maintenance-free: a weekly combing is all that is usually required to keep it in top condition. The long, bushy tail, the tail should be at least as long as the torso. His ears are more heavily furred, they are set well up on the head. Maine Coon is a strong, healthy cat.